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Wednesday, April 10, 2013

NAB 2013, I'm Here

After Effects 20th aniversay media motion ball

This is what NAB is really about - the people. Here is a shot I took at the Media Motion Ball thats a bit of history celebrating the aniversery of AE turning 20 ! and to think it seems like a couple years ago when I started with V3.1. Even though its wed morning right now I still haven't had a chance to visit the central hall and look at cameras. Ok, Monday morning I saw the camera that counted, the BMD 4K S35 camera for $4k. Shipping june or july, yes it has a lossless cinemaDNG RAW ! and is otherwise mostly identical to the current cinema camera in production. The funny part is that RED was right next to BMD and the backside of BMD's booth looked like is was part of RED's. 

Adobe is SHOWING technology and features it expects to have in CS Next which is all very good and steady improvements that show they are taking the pro users very seriously. 

I"ve also had a rather weird trip that I post about when I get back... how ever long that takes. I drove out here, had major car problems, and have to decide how to get back. Each has its ups and downs. I'll have to decide tonite. With great luck I've had several people offer to help me if I need to stay here in Vegas or in LA for a few days to get things setup so I can get back home. That is the magic of the internet, facebook. Its great that people are still willing good to each other and offer help when some one needs it. That for me is a far better experience at NAB, 2000 miles from home than any new camera or bit that hangs onto it. NAB is about the people...and the gear very secondarily.