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Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Aaton... RIP ?

Yesterday Aaton filed for bankruptcy protection. Quite surprising considering its a company thats been around for a very long time. However, they were late to the game with digital camera. Even ARRI got into the game several years back. I'm also sure that their creation and production of the A-minima was a real distraction to this process and really a dead end product, however nice a camera it is. 

I've shot with LTR-54's and 35 III's. The 35 series is a very nice small compact camera thats great for commercial work and shooting where the 400' mags aren't a problem.  We'd often get spots done with 4 rolls / 16min of raw material with good camera control and simply not rolling all the time between takes eating film up for nothing. Another technique was to roll sound first, let them call speed, THEN roll the camera for the slate. This saves and easy 15 secs of film for every take which adds up to a lot when doing short takes. Oh well, we aren't shooting on film very much these days are we ?

The sad part is that Aaton has done some very cool and actually innovative things with their 1/4 pixel shift of the sensor itself between frames and and their slotted spinning ND disc to cut exposure. My guess : ARRI buys them, hopefully not RED or the VITEC group. We'll probably see the digital Penelope Delta camera live and their Cantar audio recorder live under another vendor. As for service on your Aaton there are dealers who can still do that, parts who knows, some dealer may buy the lot out... but then again you're problably not using that camera very much anymore.