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Friday, May 03, 2013

GoPro Hero 1 2 and 3 Camera Shoot Out

What do you do when you have a GoPro Hero 1, Hero 2 and brand new  GoPro HERO3: Black Edition ? Have a camera shoot out of course ! I'm still working my way through this but here is the first quick test. We took Josiah Winteroff's blue BMW M3 out for a spin with all three cameras mounted side by side on the roof. Tried to aim them all the same but the Hero1 was a bit off. Eitherway it still worked out ok.

The WiFi control and monitoring app for the Hero3 and Wifi back equiped H1 and H2 is great. It makes changing camera settings so much easier and faster. Monitoring itself though has an easy 4-5 sec lag which is fustrating. It means make an adjustment... wait... wait... there it is. Good ? not quite, fiddle around, wait... wait... Ok got it. Its way better than nothing but for setting cameras up you just might want to consider having a small monitor with HDMI in. That said, the Wifi app is still great and I'm happy to have it for everything else including starting and stopping cameras. The other thing I'll add is that setting up the Wifi on the units is a bit tedious. You really have to RTFM the first time or two until you have the drill down. Using the GoPro aka Cinestudio computer app is part of the deal. Once you make it thru the setup, connecting is normally pretty reliable and takes 5 to 10 secs for camera to iPhone to connect. This is a great app to justify you next iPad purchase !