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Monday, May 06, 2013

June 17 Creative Cloud Launches From Adobe

Lots of changes are coming. Creative Suite Apps are now Creative Cloud available June 17th.

Here's the official word  from Adobe on the details. Summary : perpetual licenses are gone. You can still purchase CS6 and there is at least short term commitment for bug fixes and presumably OS updates. No statement on how far out this will run. My guess is that it depends on how much they sell, but I wouldn't count on more than 2 years. For some apps CS6 may work for quite some time like PS or IL. Other apps like Premiere Pro which has far higher demands may not last as long. Then again FCP 7 still runs on 10.8, 2 full OS revs since its last update. We'll see how long it lasts. 

It would be silly for me to list everything thats available on Adobe's site already, and in their MAX conference opening video. So let me give you one tidbit : Premiere Pro is now the leading NLE for seats installed and sales. Apple gave Adobe this and I'm sure Avid is quietly crying as they were once #1.

The other thing that I really enjoyed from the MAX video was how Adobe has basically put Flash out to the curb very quietly and finally has some good HTML5 tools. I've played with Edge Animate and like it. Its produced fluid animating output, page size is small and self contained ( assuming you didn't pull in external bits ) and it works on everything. Combined with Edge ReFlow delivering video to multiple platforms from phones to tablets to computer screens just got a lot easier.... if it all works as slick as the demo's showed. What I did see with ReFlow is that it seemed to address some problems I'd had in trying to do the same in DW a year ago. It all looks pretty good.

Creative Cloud itself is also set to ease collaboration between people in different locations. It has a lot of maturity and depth. It can trace its roots thru several Adobe products that didn't quite do very well like Version Cue which became Adobe Drive ( never messed with this one ) which is now the Cloud Drive. The big thing I saw was that they could collect all the assets in at least graphics projects and get them all into one place. Looks easier than FTP and all the hassles associated with that. However, for video we know its not practical, at least until we all have gigabit fiber net connections. 

Exciting times !