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Tuesday, May 14, 2013

In A 5D Mk3 World Gone Madd

5D shooting RAW video ? Internet buzz is flying about installing a current build of Magic Lantern onto your 5D mkIII or t3i and shoot RAW. I dig it, I have huge respect for the people working on ML because this is an upgrade worth paying for. Now its still .1 in terms of its limitations like not being a full 1920X1080, its uncompressed so it requires the very fastest and most expensive CF cards, and its still limited to 4gb file size recording.... for the moment. If they are using a hardware h.264 encoder ( like almost for sure ) its HIGHLY unlikely that you'll get some high quality flavor of compressed video. Remember, HDCAM SR is based on h.264 too ! Its a very broad spec with deep color support and high data rates.

However also lets put this in perspective, Canon's Effing us big time ! There is no other way to put it. While Canon dribbles out the clean HDMI feed years late to the game, these guys are fully unlocking the hardware's real potential. Of course this raises the bigger question, what about the C series ? I'll almost put money down those cameras can do the same. What's Canon sitting on ? well besides getting you to pay up a lot more money for the same hardware in a fancier body ?

They unexpectedly launched the DSLR revolution but lets face it, some other camera maker would of done it sooner or later. Canon just got lucky in being first out the door with a margin. They rode the wave of success selling lots more product than they expected, but then got both greedy and conservative. Neither is good for running a business long term because companies like BMD will come along and flip  you upside down if you don't stay a leader. In fact I just watched a 5D MkIII vs BMD camera shooting side by side. BMD camera is sharper, hands down. Both cameras show very good lattitude. However the BMD can shoot to ProRes which makes file sizes and media requirements manageable for most average productions.  Shooting uncompressed RAW requires huge amounts of storage, even if you process that materail up front into ProRes with a base grading pass to get all the image detail out.