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Wednesday, June 05, 2013

1000X More Sensitive Image Sensors

Its still the lab right now but they came up with it keeping existing manufacturing processes in mind.The new sensor is made from graphene. Its believed to be the first to be able to detect broad spectrum light, from the visible to mid-infrared, with high photoresponse or sensitivity. This means it is suitable for use in all types of cameras, including infrared cameras, traffic speed cameras, satellite imaging and more. Not only is the graphene sensor 1,000 times more sensitive to light than current imaging sensors found in today's cameras, it also uses 10 times less energy as it operates at lower voltages. When mass produced, graphene sensors are estimated to cost at least five times cheaper.

We have ISO 800 cameras right now that gain up to 1600 and 3200 looking quite fine. The C300 has a ISO of 25,000 that shoots in moonlight. If sensors made from this material come to be, picture what the ISO would be. The consumer uses are of course amazing but pro use is another. LED's running on battery power could light your next set all night. It could in many respects changing lighting as we know it. Now doing battle with the sun during daytime shooting isn't going to change, but any sort of night time work does.  In fact it brings the question to mind, how much ND are you going to need during the day ? dial the sensor gain to -36db ? should be interesting if and when they show up.