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Thursday, June 06, 2013

BMD Pocket Camera Sample Footage @ 1600 ISO

Looking VERY nice is some sample material from the BMD Pocket Camera shot at ISO 1600. Looks very clean. It also looks like video in terms of DoF. 2/3" video chip is just slightly smaller than a S16mm frame. Even still its pretty amazing. BMD also says the MTF mount of the cinema camera will start shipping as soon as next week. 

Meanwhile making some news is that the BMDCC was used to shot a spot for Arby's.You can see the Arby's Spot HERE.  The rest of the story is :

Gavin Fisher, founder and owner of Fisher Film Works, used Blackmagic Cinema Camera to shoot the commercial in less than one week. Shot in 1080HD in compressed Apple ProRes, Gavin was able to capture high quality images and bring them into his editing and color correction workflow without the need for transcoding, allowing for the most efficient workflow possible for the project.

“I knew the quality of the footage would be great, because I’ve used the Blackmagic Cinema Camera before,” said Gavin. “But the resulting footage still impressed me. The skin tones, the colors of the artwork on the wall, all of the images were amazing, and we were able to do a lot creatively with the footage in Resolve.”

Another advantage during the shoot was the camera’s unique design, which allowed Gavin to work within a very confined space.

“We filmed in a small studio because we were trying to get the look of a cable access painting show,” said Gavin. “We didn’t even have room for a dolly, but the director wanted some movement in the shots. In the end, we were able to use some sliders, which we wouldn’t have been able to do with a larger camera. The compact size of the Blackmagic Cinema Camera proved to be a big advantage for us.”

The director, Paul Cummings, cut the commercial in Final Cut Pro and handed it off to Gavin who imported it into DaVinci Resolve via XML for final color corrections. Once the final commercial was finished in Resolve, it was exported straight to the client for airing.

“The Log workflow in Resolve just goes hand in hand with the camera,” said Gavin. “We were going for a specific look, a super saturated, high end cable access look. By shooting in ProRes film mode, which meant the images from the camera were flat, and then grading the commercial in Resolve, it was super easy to get that look. I prefer Resolve over anything else I’ve used, especially when using the Blackmagic Cinema Camera. The workflow between the two is seamless.”

Pretty cool the BMD camera is getting some credit for national work. I'm sure we'll be seeing more stuff being shot on this amazing camera... and I can't wait for the 4K S35 !