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Thursday, June 13, 2013

Semi-Shoulder Mount ?

Sony is going to replace the EX3 with a new "sub $10K" camera, the PMW-300. Got it ? Looks more like a camcorder format, but bigger, but without a real shoulder rest.... so its a semi-shoulder mount. Well it either is or isn't ! Anytime I've used a EX1/3 its been with my DSLR shoulder rig because thats the only real way you can shoot hand held with it. 1/2 CMOS chip, it adds 50 Mbps MPEG HD 422 recording which is good because the 35mbit isn't so good. Internal wireless receiver slots , SDI & HDMI, all the usual frame rates and sizes. 

I don't know but there are so many cameras out there, even lots of really good ones. Maybe this one will be easier to shoot with as I've always found the EX1/3 to be pretty fumbly cameras. We'll see.