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Monday, June 17, 2013

GoodBye FCP7


As we all wait for Creative Cloud to be released, I'm sure there will be a lot of this today. Goodbye FCP ! Last week I finished a legacy project in FCP7. Thats it, no more. I'm not supporting FCP projects anymore. I may leave one copy of FCP running on some machine mostly as a way to export a project to XML, but thats it. Done. Don't get me wrong, I did a LOT of good work and made a LOT of money with FCP. I was an early adopter at FCP3 when it was clear that Media100 was not going to deliver the badly needed new features that FCP already had. Basic ones like, oh, more than 2 layers of video. Of course once BorisFX aquired M100's assets they added all sorts of features like multiple video tracks and 3rd party hardware support. In some respects Apple pulled a M100 with FCP X but at least Apple as been adding features that are needed pretty quickly since initial release. 

Anyways, that's it for me and FCP. It was a good ride, but we are going from trains to planes with Premiere Pro CC aka V7.0