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Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Black Magic Design Releases Creative Cloud Drivers

Just installed Premiere Pro and After Effects Creative Cloud today ? Well Black Magic Design has drivers ready to do as soon as you can go and grab them. Its really great to not be waiting months for driver support. Part of this is Adobe settling down and using the Transmit API. While there have been tweaks to Transmit - the new Audio and Video delay feature which I'll get to in a minute, its basically the same API. Keeping a single API is important as it lets developers work on fine tuning their drivers and adding the occasional new feature like CLOSED CAPTIONING support thats also new to Premiere Pro. Yes they added this to Creative Cloud V7.0 and its a very good thing to have. You don't have to send CC work out of house anymore.

Let me also talk about another new small feature in Premiere Pro that I had been pretty vocal about. Adding a delay control for both Audio and Video output. Now it might at first sound odd to want to intentionally put your audio and video out of sync with each other on purpose, until you get to an HDMI monitor. With HDMI monitors its common to have one to several frames of processing delay. Meanwhile your audio is coming directly out of the card to your speakers. This means you are actually out of sync. By adding delay to the audio output thats equal to the number of frames the monitor is adding delay, you are back in sync again. No more watching an HDMI monitor and having your audio out of sync ! Likewise in a larger facility its possible to have your audio and video getting routed around differently because you aren't using SDI with embedded audio and now its possible to compensate it out. Small feature that is visible in Prefs->Playback Settings and easy to miss but has great value to anyone like myself who has had to deal with sync problems due to external gear. Thanks Adobe !

Now for BMD's Press Release


The Desktop Video 9.7.5 software update allows users to take advantage of many new features in the Adobe Creative Cloud desktop applications, such as powerful new editing timelines and shortcuts and audio mixing with Adobe Premiere Pro® CC and new creative and visual effects tools with Adobe After Effects® CC. Also included is support for Adobe Mercury Transmit that allows broadcast video monitoring to connect directly into the Adobe Mercury Playback engine which gives an incredible amount of real time effects with any video format or codec.

This update means Blackmagic Design’s DeckLink, UltraStudio and Intensity range will work seamlessly with the new features in Adobe Creative Cloud applications for amazing new workflows in editing, compositing and visual effects. DeckLink, UltraStudio and Intensity include the world’s highest performance capture and playback cards for Mac, Windows and Linux. Including both PCIe and Thunderbolt based technology, these products come in both internal and external models and are used by professionals globally in every aspect of film and video production.

Customers using Adobe After Affects CC will be able to work in the highest quality compressed and uncompressed video formats up to Ultra HD and 4K, for amazing compositing and graphics production workflows. When working with Ultra HD and 4K video formats, customers can choose between the rack mount UltraStudio 4K and the DeckLink 4K Extreme PCIe card. Both products have 6G-SDI and HDMI 4K video connections to capture and playback Ultra HD and 4K video formats as well as dual stream stereoscopic 3D. Blackmagic Design recently announced a new lower price for UltraStudio 4K to US$995.

“It’s very exciting to see Blackmagic Design’s desktop video products working together with Adobe’s Creative Cloud software and the incredible creative possibilities this opens up with the new editing and effects features. Our customers will be able to work with the cutting edge tools in fantastic new workflows,” said Grant Petty, CEO, Blackmagic Design.


I expect Matrox and AJA will also be announcing drivers today or very soon, meaning days.

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