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Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Its Just Pure Crap - Some 3rd Party GoPro Mounting Hardware

I have a shoot I'm doing prep for. I need to mount some GoPro's on racing mountian bikes. I've been doing testing with a few 3rd party mounting options to get better angles. We all like cheap, some of these were cheap, some weren't. 

First up is this 200mm ( about 7" ) extension bracket. While the plastic seems similar to what the real GoPro stuff is made from, it flexes. In any use where vibration is a problem, like say bikes taking bumps and jumps this just won't work. It vibrates around too much. Its possible there are some uses for helmet mounting that might be ok, but certainly not for my purposes.  It did get the camera to good positions for shots when in use. Bottom line : get the more expensive aluminum ones which really don't cost that much more.

Here are some samples from that bracket.



Next up is this clamp. I have a real black maffer clamp with ball head I use to mount GoPros and it works great. This mount looked much smaller and better able to grip round surfaces. It looked metal. Its not. Its plastic. While that wasn't so bad because it did offer what seemed to be good grip, the mounting point wiggled around pretty badly. I tried to tighten the mounted screw in it which helped a little bit, but still wiggly. I also tried a commerical grade plastic cement which had no effect. Bottom line, its junk and don't waste your money. Its rare for me to say this about a product but this one is useless.