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Tuesday, July 02, 2013

Techincolor Kills Color Assist, And Who Cares ?

Um, Yawn. Really who cares about Color Assist unless you just happened spend (waste) cash on it recently. With far more serious established apps and plugins available, I wondered what this was doing out there. To be honest, this is the very same company that sent me dubs of major hollywood features to edit into trailers that were dark and green. For 2 years of complaints they denied it until finally, they realized the one VTR doing the dubs "had a bad board in it, its now fixed". Technicolor is a dinosaur that has adapted poorly with the times, trying to use their brand to hang on. Lets face it, if they had not fed off the hollywood feedbag for years they wouldn't be where they are. They made it because of location and at best mediocre service. Their cinestyle is a bad mess, killing this app before its time a dumb mistake, so really, who cares. Its all about a company that tried to milk the system for as long as possible while resisting change. So as I said, who cares...