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Thursday, July 18, 2013

SD Cards Finally Get Some Speedy Respect

For a very long time, if you wanted speed you had to go to CF cards. While some SD cards had hit the 45mb/sec mark most where far slower. That changed a few days ago when Toshiba announced these new SD cards making them faster than CF cards by a huge margin. All very interesting in the days when you can get a Canon DSLR to record RAW frames and you need the speed. What is disappointing is the 16 and 32gb sizes. With those fast data rates and shooting RAW filling up a 16gb is a few minutes of shooting. This is like 400ft rolls of 35mm... for those who remember! My guess is they are probably RAIDing some slow storage together, or spinning off storage from SSD's. One we see 64 and 128gb cards we are now talking. Of course, no annoucement on price which I'm sure will not be cheap. However, if you need cards this fast, you can probably also afford them.