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Monday, July 22, 2013

SpeedGrade 7.0.1 Is LIve Today

SpeedGrade 7.0.1 is released today. A larger number of bug fixes and product improvements. Good to see the added hardware support for Matrox now.


Mercury Transmit support added support for Bluefish video I/O cards
Mercury Transmit support added for Matrox video I/O cards
Added support for 48KHz audio output


Snapshot file tree view can now be collapsed for easier navigation
New UI animations for bottom third panel
2Up/3Up function has been optimized for a simpler workflow based strictly on clips (not grading layers).
Disabled (unnecessary) grading panel animation for Cinemode (image-only) view
Waveform scope performance
Mercury Transmit playback performance on Mac OS
Preference settings for monitor background color slider has been moved from Playback settings to Environment settings
Added option to keep sending to Mercury Transmit if SpeedGrade loses focus to ensure video output is not interrupted.


Issue where breadcrumb navigation bar was truncated in certain circumstances
UI would freeze when user invoked media content menu and while application settings were open
UI bug in the Render tab has been fixed
External LUT’s could not be loaded on Mac OS
SpeedGrade would crash when deleting an empty Timeline (Mac OS)
SpeedGrade crashed in specific undo scenario when clicking on a Look (Mac OS)
Crash on startup on Chinese, Japanese, or Russian Windows OS has been fixed
SpeedGrade occasionally crashed when “swap eye” option was enabled in render settings (applies to stereoscopic content)
SpeedGrade would crash when converting a stereoscopic timeline to mono if the analysis tools (scopes) were open
Crashes when analysis tools (scopes) were enabled in stereoscopic projects
Scaling issue in Luma Waveform has been repaired
SpeedGrade Save As dialog has now been localized for German, French, Italian, and Spanish language installations on Mac OS
List/Thumbnail icons now highlight in the correct color for HiDPI displays on Mac OS
UI truncation bug where Annotation textbox overlapped analysis tools (scopes)
Crashes that occurred when clicking on Other button in render settings if the format preset was empty (German, French, Italian and Spanish versions)
Crashes in Render dialog when output dropdown had empty entry selected.
Issue with TIFF render settings has been repaired
When widgets for clip and frames were shown in the view, only one widget could be adjusted
UI issue with annotations widget
Issue with side-by-side display mode for stereoscopic enabled Timeline