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Monday, July 22, 2013

Keep It Simple - Recording Headphone Output

How do you record the output of a headphone jack ? Especially when you want to record SVEN the speaking menu in the Sound Devices 552 mixer ? Well you could rip thru your collection of adapters to figure out 1/8" or 1/4" to XLR, maybe add a 30db pad or more, or turn the headphones way down, or mess around with a few other ideas... or just do it the Simple way. Put the headphones onto your mic and turn up the headphone output. Worked fine. I did set the MXL4000 to figure 8 to pick up both sides better and it worked ok for the short 10sec sample I needed to get. It took way less time than the "right" way, but I got the job done. Sometimes the fast and simple way counts if the results are ok*

*I didn't say stellar perfect, but ok, as in usable for the intended purpose under the time to get the job done.