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Friday, August 09, 2013

Countour Cameras Closes Its Doors

Wow. Countour, vendors of another action cam that started at the same time as GoPro has closed their doors very abruptly. Employees had no notice until they showed up for work monday morning and found the doors locked with a notice there about the closure. Thats the wrong way to close a company even when you know its coming. Perhaps it was the responsible thing to do... or not. Maybe we'll see Countour's technology make some sort of come back. However, you also need to consider how huge GoPro has gotten - Foxconn has put a $200 MILLION dollar investment into them. Very sobering number to think about considering where GoPro was not so many years ago. Marketing counts and GoPro has done a great job of marketing... a great product. Lets face it, in side by side comparison's of GoPro's cameras and others, the Hero X always seems to make the best pix. The Hero3 doesn't hold anything back with 2.4K res images @ 23.976 or its many other modes that cover everyone's bases. The better product won. You have to wonder about JVC and Sony trying to compete in a market that GoPro pretty much owns...Now waiting for Hero4 !