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Saturday, August 10, 2013

Avid Kills DS : One Last Update for

In the week for product EOL announcements, Avid has killed DS. It will no longer be sold after Sept 2013, but will see tech support for at least a year. There will be  one last update to fix whatever and improve MC7 compatibility. What is DS : better color correction tools than Media Composer, hip Nodal Compositing, 2K & 4K support. Ok, the nodal compositing thing is cool. I'd expect key DS features to move over to Media Composer as Avid breaths a few last gasps of air into that product. Look at the bottom line - MC is a few percent of their total revenue. Their network storage products have been and are the bulk of their revenue now and for the last few years. When you can grade / finish in DaVinci Resolve or Smoke for less. well... you know what I mean. A decent product bites the dust....  Avid is trying to sell folks on Symphony instead. During an investor call this week "Avid officials said the company will work to transition DS owners to Avid Media Composer with the Symphony option, which adds Avid's Universal Mastering feature and much more powerful color-correction tools to MC, but users said it's not a workable substitute for the 2K and 4K capabilities of DS"... um duh, Premiere Pro. PP doesn't care about resolution and does most of what you need now...