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Tuesday, August 20, 2013

RED R3D Files WIll Get GPU Decoding Now, REDROCKET Not Required

I'd always thought that a REDROCKET card looked an awful lot like an AMD FireGL card. Well today it was officially leaked that the next rev of REDCine will use your regular GPU ( nVidia Titan can do 6K at 24fps ) decodes. While they say a real REDROCKET will be faster still, your Titan will be the next best thing and perhaps already in your machine. Even some lower cards like the K5000 should do justice for 4K which is probably what you are getting if you handle R3D. I'm just surprised it took this long and figured it would of happened a year or two ago. No complaints ! It probably won't be too long before NLE's get this GPU boost as well. Should be interesting.