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Monday, September 09, 2013

So You Want A C100 ? Nothing Fits !

60D + Kiron 24 F2

Trying the C100 out on my DSLR baseplate and rods. Ok, its one of those cheap Indian deals, but the stainless rods are strong, and the base plate worked great for the last 3 years. First with a T3I and then with my 60D's I really like this base setup. With the sliding base it was easy to adjust from the short and sharp OM 50 1.4 or Kiron 24 F2 to a long lens like the Tamron 70-200 2.8. Mostly the matte box slid in its adjuster, and the camera on the base plate and there was no fiddling with the rods or taking everything apart. It worked well. In fact I had modified the baseplate a bit. First I made the front shorter because it was too long and this also gave me some more weight in the back for better balance. Later I also shortend the back to save weight because I wanted this thing lighter. The rig is probably 30-40% shorter than when I got it and its been working great every since. Well I put the C100 on and nothing fits. Ok, the 1/4 20 and 3/8 mounting holes work on the camera, but first its just too tall to center vertically on the matte box. I had already modded the matted box for more vertical travel to work with an EX-3. I milled the slots longer to the top and bottom about as far as reason said was safe, about 3/8". This is missing by more like 1/2" or more material than I can mill out and still have a bracket left. So that means I made need to make a new offset that sits between the matte box and the swing bracket.... or I'm going to have to change out the baseplate for a small low one that will have things fitting again. I already have the base of the slider as low as it can go and clear the rods.

While I don't need the matte box for ND's for the most part thanks to the 2/4/6 stop built in ones, I'll still use a split grad, polarizer or diffusion. 

Well that's not the end of it. Here is another problem - DSLR's aren't was wide as the C series cameras. In fact even the EX3 isn't as wide. So if I have a short lens on like the OM 50 1.4 or any of my other vintage primes, the matte box rods hit the hand grip... that you really want / need to operate the camera pending the firmware update in Nov that lets you use some buttons on the back of the body to navigate the menu's rather than the joystick on the grip !

Silly me for thinking buy the camera, an extra battery or two and I'm done. Tweak my rig a bit... NOT ! Just another problem throwing money at will solve sad