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Thursday, October 03, 2013

Shooting A Short This Weekend

I shoot a lot of stuff for a lot of people. This weekend I'm finally doing one of those rare things - I'm shooting a short I wrote. Its going to be interesting. I have two great actors, a great location, fall colors at their peak, its going to rain & thunderstorm, talk about production value !

 Now we'll talk about the downsides : my 2nd camera can't make it, some other crew can't make it. Its coming down to the mantra we hear all the time - you just need a good script and great actors and a decent camera. Ok,  I'm going to try it ! realistically this wouldn't be practical without the C100 and its low light ability. I can work lower light levels and not need to pull out my HMI's to get the job done. My LED's will more than cover what needs doing. I picked up a china ball and dimmer as a fill light. Practicals will work a lot of it. I'll probably work my 8X8 and 6X4's as super soft low level fills if I need to. I'm still going to run 2 or 3 cameras, but 1 or 2 will be lock offs. That's fine, I'm not stuck on gratuitous camera movement simply for the sake of it. Camera moves should be motivated ! They should help tell the story, change the viewers attention as appropriate and not simply be there because  you can.

Of course sound counts as well. This is where having great gear counts - my SD 552 and its limiters will easily handle this feeding cameras and recording. 

Its going to be interesting, let you know how it goes monday !