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Sunday, October 06, 2013

Short Shot !

This weekend I shot my first short in a very long time. This time it was my script and 2 amazing actors that brought this project to life. I'd written it 2 years ago, yesterday we shot it and I can't wait to edit it. Most of it was shot on my C100 and this camera is generally so amazing. To be able to use high ISO's instead of tons of light and still make clean images is simply the most liberating thing I've experienced since : switching from film to digital with stills, buying my first HD camera, buying my first dslr. This is better than 2 of those. Really shooting at ISO 3200 or 4000 and not seeing any nasty ugly noise is truely liberating. In one scene I had started out lighting it as normal, but the setup I had started with shooting thru a window was quickly ended when rain started pouring. I moved back inside. I then did something crazy, I turned off all my lights and looked at an amazing shot lit by natural light. It was almost perfect. I bounced a LED panel light on one side of the actors, then added one of my LED 24 lights dimmed way down to hit some of the background so it didn't completely fall off. Done ! I can't wait to edit this and I promise you something you have NOT scene on the screen. Above is a frame of the 2 actors light with 2 LED panel lights 20ft from the exterior window. WIndow had 8X8 silk in front. ISO 4000 F4 OM 1.5. This shot just has a quick correction on it as it was shot in C log.