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Wednesday, October 09, 2013

You Have a Plastic Bag, Right ?

One of the most important things you always have in your camera case, a ( preferably clear ) plastic bag. While a real rain coat for the camera is nice, you don't always have it when you need it. A month ago I went out on a nice sunny day, but saw some thunder clouds forming to the north. Didn't worry too much, but 40 minutes later, deep in the woods it was clear they were coming my way. Walking fast it was clear I wasn't going to make it back to the car. Of course my new camera had been here for only a week and it was about to get soaked !. Thankfully I had a waist camera bag with me. Took the handle and lens off, packed it all in and minutes later got simply soaked. I mean it poured, wind and it took 15 minutes to get back to the car. Stuffing a plastic bag in your camera case can mean all the difference between a dry camera and a wet one.