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Tuesday, October 15, 2013

What Am I Doing ?

Hey, so I've been slow posting stuff. GoPro Hero3+.... nice, ok, no post. A few other nice tidbits have gone by, I've been silent. Why ? well because after having had a camera of some sort in my hands since the age of 8, I'm building a radio show ! WHAT ! Yes its true, all that sound experience, TV studio build outs and other fun bits are today being part of building a new RADIO studio ! We're going to syndicate a show across several stations here in WI and eventually the midwest and internet.  Who knows... I have no clue how we figured out how to make money in radio after having been doing TV and web forever ! Life is about change and evolution ! making the full circle. 

Lots of long nites in this. While every build out has its problems, this one has pretty much been the one where even the dumbest simple things fight you. When we moved into this new space the build out for 2 edit rooms, machine room, patch bays, ect. went well. No major problems or surprises, just work work work  and it all got done. This has been anything but that. I've had to learn a lot of new stuff on the automation end and make it work.

As usual I've been deep in the stuff getting it all to work. You can see my wire stippers and meter here as I check out the cables I've been making while they are next to the latest in integrated audio boards - it works with automation software running on ( GASP ) Win7. Ok, all we do is boot the OS on SSD and run the automation app thats somewhat but not totally stable. It gets locked into certain modes and only force quit aka task manager can get things back. Really a bit less stable then I'd like but hey, we go live next monday ! Nothing like live broadcast in either TV or radio. Hold on, shut up, go for the ride !