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Sunday, October 20, 2013

DaVinci Resole 10 Beta 3 Released and Other Stuff

BMD continues to work on getting Resolve V10 into shape. They released Beta3 recently. The new features in V10 are pretty huge and one of the areas of much improvement is the timeline editor. Its basically moving along into being a fully qualified NLE.One of the big improvements here is a basic titler. Useful for not just labeling a grading pass but all the usual basic titling jobs. They added more options for burning in info for TC burns. Greatly expanded audio support. OpenFX plugin support including temporal filters. The full version adds motion blur and motion tab. With all these benifits there is also increased demands on the GPU and VRAM. They now recommend 2gb for HD and 4gb for 4K. If you are a serious Resolve user you are probably already there and might even have a multi GPU setup. If not, well, GPU upgrade time is here again. Thankfully thats generally a far cheaper option than a full system upgrade.

In other news I've just been heavily loaded with work. The new syndicated radio show goes live mon morning and I'm still working on the last bits of the studio build out. Always a few more things to tweak out and make better or more reliable. Profanity kill switch is my project today. I'm also now doing sound mix for a TV series every week and have had a decent amount of freelance work coming in. So my chances to post stuff like I normally do have been really limited. I still haven't edited the last scene in the short I shot a few weeks ago. It looks great, good story, great acting I just need to finish it and get it out there !.