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Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Oooops ! No Thats Not What I Really Said

Bad day today. I was running around doing too many things at once. I wasn't even shooting. My C100 + Rokinon 14mm cine where sitting on my desk, safely. One quick turn, low hand and I got to see the camera fly off the desk and bounce on the floor. I saw the lens part from the body and assumed the worst. I left the room, I couldn't look. I came back a minute later. The outer plastic housing of the Rokinon gave away. The back of the lens was still firmly in place on the C100. Camera came away fine. The lens OTH isn't. Email to Elite Brands who distributes Rokinon in the US said send it in. Chance of repair low because there probably aren't parts available. This would be an easy fix and I'd do it myself if I could get the parts. Probably not. Thats not right. Given how easy it is to break, they should have this last part of the body available for replacement. 7 screws is all it takes. Also FWIW the insides are some sort of cast metal with some brass parts. The guts look pretty solid, although some other camera makers would of used stainless steel for internal levers and sliders. Well that's one compromise that gets made in delivering a product for less. We'll see what they say once it gets there.