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Tuesday, October 29, 2013

This Is My Week

My Week started with that usuall phone call - hey what are you doing tomorrow ? can you crew a 2 camera shoot plus audio ? An hour later it was booked.  I was on the road before sunrise, worked most of the day on a physically demanding job, drove home watching the sun set. The rest of the week looks just as busy so posting here has been slow. Add on that I'm working on finishing my short that I shot several weeks ago. Basic edit its pretty good, I've started grading it and the mix is in decent shape. So that is getting close too.... and it all takes LOTS of time. It'll all get there.

On my short I used one of my 60D's to shoot some close ups. Well that was interesting.Basically I'll give you the very short version : I'm selling one of my 60D's because I don't need 2 still cameras and the video from them isn't making me happy. I"ll go into it a lot more soon when I have some time talk about it... or even do a video :) !