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Tuesday, November 05, 2013

Canon Announces Continous AF For C100

Canon has not yet shipped the C100 firmware update due this month...ok we'll place bets very end of the month, however this did make this announcement : There will be a mod for the C100 to allow for 2X faster one shot focus and continuos AF while shooting that can be toggled on or off while in record. Nice feature for some if you have better EF glass. If you don't and have mainly manual lenses like me I guess this one doesn't matter. The upgrade will be $500 and require the camera to be a sent to authorized service center, available Feb 2014. So I suspect its more than just a firmware update and that a board in the camera is also probably being replaced. Cool feature if you need it and have glass that supports it. So the question is, what about the C300 and 500 ? Next question, will this be standard for all new C100's ?