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Monday, November 11, 2013

DaVinci Resolve 10 Released

Ok, Its released. Its got lots of new features and improvements that will make lots of folks happy. Go look on the BMD site for all the info.

However before you jump on it a word of caution. FCP XML output is broken if you are  using Premiere Pro CC. PP CC simply barfs on it with a "generic error" and that's it, game over. You can still generate a single solid QT of your grade, but thats not quite the same as having a live TL with all your clips in still editable form, especially if you gave them trim handles. If Resolve -> Prem Pro CC workflow is important, you probably want to hold off on this upgrade for the moment until this is fixed. I"ve heard that Prem Pro CS6 can import the XML and I'm going to try that. Meanwhile if you still have a creaky ok copy of FCP7 running on your system you can use that as an XML fixer utility by loading the XML in and exporting it back out for PP. If you don't have FCP7 running, well, you know, your SOL for the moment.