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Wednesday, November 13, 2013

C100 Firmware Update Released Today

I had checked 2 days ago.... so it  figures that Canon released the firmware update for the C100 and C300 series cameras today ! Go get it. ISO 80,000 may not be the most useful except in extreme circumstances but the other ISO's look pretty good. Also of importance is assignable focus magnify zones, and being able to navigate menus without the joystick on the handgrip. All nice, glad they didn't make us wait until the end of the month.... so how about a codec upgrade ?


Firmware update went well. Played around with higher ISO's and it almost seems like they did something to reduce noise at lower ISO's. While I might not reach for ISO 50K often, nice its there. 80K looks like older HD cameras at 18 or 21 db of gain, but lower seems usable for those grab shots for your doc or news coverage. I'm off to shoot job with the new firmware and reloaded my settings files ok.