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Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Sound Devices Introduces the 663 Mini Mixer Recorder With Big Features

Sound Devices makes great stuff. Here is the new 663 mixer / recorder. 6 channels in, 6 channels out, records 10 channels, has the same LCD panel that the 664 has in the size of the old 302 mixer. Its really small but yet has all the I/O most folks would want. My only gripe ? lack of dual outputs for connection to another camera. There are aux outs you could use to feed transmitters though and use the XLR's for a camera hardwire. Media cards on on the top right like the 664. The unit can power from 2 L type batteries on the bottom if you want, but most folks would go with the 4pin Lemo like other SD  mixers. All in all it looks like a really nice unit when size and weight really matter. Price ? an near reasonable $3095. Trew Audio also has a kit version that includes batteries, TA3->XLR adapters, portabrace case and TC cables for $3836.