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Tuesday, November 19, 2013

New Commenting System

I've fought with this problem for a while. The blog's built in commenting system was junk. I know a number of articles got spammed up and I spent a lot of waste time deleting them. I tried one popular commenting system but that never worked if you noticed the test messages / code commenting output. I now went with FB commenting. Not my ideal choice, but it works. It also restored some comments already here. As for the spammers, well you can go F' yourself's for all the time you have wasted - both yours and mine. Really did you ever think some one would click on your link for auto insurance or male performance enhancement ? really ?  Well no more wasting your time here. 

To my regular visitors', please feel free to leave comments and have discussion !

And to spammers - all your worthless hard work is gone, gone gone. It will never be displayed again because the old commenting system has been removed.  Feel good about your worthless work ? I hope so. Please go find something worthwhile to do in this life as its the only one you get.