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Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Real LED Lighting

I like LED lites IF they have a decent CRI. Close up of a light I've talked about for a bit. 4300K but 94 CRI and can gel to whatever w/o too much loss or thought. I have several of them in 4300K temp which means easy 5600K or 3200K with 1/2 correction or less. They dim which is great and 250 FPS safe because of HF power supplies.

The difference here is the high CRI that makes gelling these a lot like tungsten but no where near the power draw. I have several of these lites and I'm thrilled with them for their overall performance. The 24 emitter versions get lots of use in all sorts of secondary use - hair light, background key or fill. dimmable to whatever level you need. The only real downside is you can't get one unless you know me or the guy who has the last parts to build them. Prototype production run. If a few of you contact me, maybe another production run. You will be very happy IF enough people  are willing to commit !