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Friday, December 06, 2013

8mm Digital Sensor Film Insert

Interesting idea. Digitial sensor in 8mm film cartridge recording to SD card. Mostly OTS parts. Its it practical ? maybe. Several years ago at NAB I saw a 16mm film mag with digital sensor in it. Didn't go anywhere. However that was also at the time when solid state media wasn't in the main stream for recording yet. Product never went anywhere so we'll never know if it was good or not. Likewise I have to wonder about this. A new iphone has at least as good a sensor and if you add in the 8mm Movie Camera app for $5 you are off and running. I ran this app on my own iPhone for some 8mm style B roll on a project. Worked fine but the shot was eventually taken out from the final cut. I supposed just having the camera body and lens though would yield a certain asthetic would might be rather vintage. Anyway, they are talking 4:3 frame on 720 HD image. Probably fine as thats more than most 8mm lenses would ever resolve anyway. On a good day 8mm might be VHS ( 320 lines ) due to film grain. I guess we'll see. They will certainly need to bring the price point in at around $100-$200 because anymore than that and I think you'd just go to a BMD Pocket Camera.


  • 720p HD video capture in 4:3 format
  • Frame rate automatically adjusts to camera settings (up to 60 fps)
  • Integrated Film Look options
  • Unlimited storage via removable SD card
  • Battery and recording status light
  • Specifications
  • Image Sensor: 5 megapixel Omni Vision OV5600 series
  • Video Encoding: 720p HD H.264 (4:3)
  • Memory: Removable high capacity SD card
  • Connections: One mini USB port (primarily for charging)
  • Battery: Rechargeable LiPo battery providing up to 3 hours of continuous recording
  • Housing: Machined aluminum, color anodized and laser etched
  • Height: 70mm
  • Width: 75mm
  • Depth: 24mm
  • Weight: 160g