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Wednesday, December 11, 2013


Even I get to shoot some selfie shots. I LOVE this setup using the Berkey System C series base place plus their 15mm side mount. Some baseplates want you to see their big red logo, others think functionality is more important. The 15mm side mount removable and can be changed to an arri compatible rosette if you need that or save the weight and lose all of it. I did cut the 15mm rod down to a shorter length for a safer setup. The 15mm mount itself has a ratcehing METAL knob that allows the mount to really grab and not rotate around... unlike some of the cheap stuff out there. I've had the cheap stuff - you can't tighten it enough, its not quite precise enough, or the hardware strips out or breaks. Solid hard high grade aluminum matters when it comes to camera mounting.

Meanwhile I've heard your requests about more on LED lights. I've been using them all this week and I'll have something soon once I get done shooting real paying production work.