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Friday, December 13, 2013

C100 Green Screen Studio Shoot With Ninja2

Canon C100 ninja2 HMDI SSD recorder shooting green screen chroma key

Studio shoot today. I like doing them. So much easier most of the time, especially for certain types of work. Today we shot celeb product endorsements on green screen. Nice to have  big diffused light sources that give your talent some room to move around in. Using 2 575 HMI's as the front light sources on the talent dropped power draw to next to nothing. The rest was lit with LED's. My to cheap 1000 LED panel lights easily got the green screen into shape with almost no effort. Even if they might have a green spike this is the perfect place to use them. Ran them at 3/4 power which was even better. 

In the front we added one of my custom LED lights to add some warmth. It seems the 10X10 in the studio used a fabric that was a bit blue / cool so adding the warmer 4300K light balanced it out. The high CRI of these lights is important when mixing with other sources like this. The hairlight is one of the smaller units. Our total power draw was just under 2K yet the camera was sitting at 5.6 @ ISO 1250. Thats only a few db of gain over the native 850 ISO of the C100 so it was perfectly clean. 

For this shoot, I bought a Ninja2 to record the C100's HDMI output. It worked fine. Of course the 2 18" HDMI wires I bought are always 1-2 inches short no matter how I mount the ninja ( except on back rails ) so I had to grab a 3ft wire and use that. Trigger into record always worked unlike some other camera mounted DDR's I've used. The mini monitor was good for every one to see the picture and have TC for logging. The 256gb SSD worked perfectly and I used about 85gb of space in ProRes422. I skipped ProRes HQ because there was nothing here to challenge the codec. All I would be doing is using 2X the disc space. Comparisons of the native AVCHD 24 and ProRes are coming up as I start editing the project. Battery life on the ninja was really good and helped again by using a SSD that uses less power than a spinning drive. I think I got about 4 or 5 hrs of run time on the stock battery which is pretty good. It lasted about as long as the camera battery did.