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Saturday, January 04, 2014

A New Year

Its a new year, lots of things going on. If you haven't seen my short film yet... well... you're waiting for ???? skip down below and check it out. Better yet, share it on Facebook and Twitter ! I put a huge amount of time into it and it would be great if more people saw it, especially those beyond the production community. I've had some great comments and reviews on it that I didn't expect from some pretty critical reviewers. People got that it was about story, not about " gratuitous slide moves " or " over animated camera moves ".  How about great acting ? storying telling ? something that has a point beyond how shallow DoF can be and you still see the shot...oh and its not some homeless person smiling because I could. 

Meanwhile I'm getting ready for a shoot in South Dakota next week. -18F and we are shooting outside, sounds like fun !