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Saturday, January 18, 2014

Film No More for Paramount

The sun is setting on film ever faster. Today Paramount announced it will not longer distribute film prints to theaters. Article Here. We knew it was coming. I'd expect the other major studios  to do the same soon now that one of them has broken out like this. Considering that Fuji has quit making motion picture film no surprise. This will all come down to Kodak at some point stopping too. I'd expect Kodak will nurse it along as far as they can getting to the point of where you'll need to place an order for what you want for your feature. Then they'll fire up the line for a month or two, produce all the orders and maybe a little over just to be safe and thats it. They could keep production running for a while like this. Of course the next problem will be processing as labs have become scarce and those that are still doing it have dramatically reduced the number of lines they have running.