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Thursday, January 23, 2014

Final Cut 1.0 Intro Video

Final Cut Pro 1.0 Intro video to sell the product. Randy Ubilos makes an appearance. The music though is pretty bad, even for that era. In many respects its hard to imagine apple let this out the door but so it was. I"m sure you'll be dazzled by all the fancy transitions and PiP effects.

Its good to have a look at the UI to see it didn't change that much over the years, but of course thats where it also fell down. Failure to evolve with the times.  Oh well, I'm happily turning out projects on one of the products they put down, Preimere ( Pro ) . I'm also a former Media 100 X2 owner.

Meanwhile in the same year apple turned out this other sell video for the new G3 iMac. I had one of those. Perfect match for FCP at that time with FW and DV. However I used it for lots of PS and AE work. I guess they weren't sure that FCP thing would take off so they skimped out on the production as the iMac video is well lit and shot.