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Tuesday, January 28, 2014

16mm Music Video From My Past

Once upon a time the film look required... FILM ! on the cheap 16mm, on the super cheap 8mm. No HVX200, No FillmLook from Roland House in MA or  tricks in AE.  Here is the first music video I shot, well about 50% of what you see on the screen - color shots, jib arm, some of the wild B&W club stuff on 8mm. I sold the Lowell Pro Light that did the crowd spot light stuff not too many years ago ! amazing to see this.

Whats more amazing is to see that that youtube copyright droid was all over this in seconds claiming infringement. Really ? how about my images ? first time every put up on youtube ! One of the band member just posted the song a few months ago. Completely ridiculous. I've had more hassle with the copyright droids that mindlessly flag licensed stock music or stuff like this that I'm clear to use. Its to the point I've even had a few randomish 1-4-5 chords on my guitar flagged as some copyright violation, RUBBISH ! to be polite. Maybe someday AI will join the YT copyright droid rather than shear stupidity !