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Thursday, January 30, 2014

Hard Drive Failure Rates

dead failed seagate 2tb hard drive HD

A week ago we saw this article about hard drive durability. Seagate did surprisingly poorly for this large user of drives. So guess what ? ya one of my Seagate 2TB's dropped dead this week. It wasn't complete failure, it had a lot of bad sectors and was having problems. Thankfully it was just the system drive for my Linux NAS box. I found a new drive, installed Fedora 20 and was back up and running quick enough. I was lucky it wasn't a data drive without back up. Its just made me be much more vigilent in doing backups. Its not that I don't do them across multiple machines, but sometimes its easy to go a while. back to regular back ups ! In fact I spent the week going thru some older drives looking for clips I needed in a current project. All went well. Of course this also made the point that I try to keep all the clips for a project on a single volume rather than being spread out all over the place. However with this project I'd found I'd taken clips from the NAS box and other local drives even though I'd tried to be careful NOT to do that. Well 2 days of on and off poking around and I finally have all the clips that matter. This has me wanting to pick up a disc catalogging app so I ca catalog all the 1tb drives I now have sitting around so the next time I need to find a shot, I'm not going thru all of them to find it.