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Sunday, February 02, 2014

JVC Intros New HM790 Camera With Live Broadcast Streaming

NAB is still a couple months out but JVC is first with a new camera announcement. Its the HM790u with a street price of $10k availble for pre order, delivery end of march. Sure that's a ways up from the original HD100 that I had. I had it tweaked out with my own custom settings and made lots of money with. Clients loved the look I got from the camera. In fact the HD100 I had made great pix that I'm still using shots from today including use for international clients.

This new camera has integrated AB battery mount, Mpeg2 and h.264 recording options up to 50m/bits, SDI and HDMI out, dual SD media cards, IS lens, XLR's, SDI INPUT, 1080 60P !, 20X optical zoom, genlock, TC I/O, and network IP, ect. Another words everything you'd want for a news shooting camera - all the right connectors. Sounds like a great camera. The camera you want when a 30lbs HPX camera is simply way too heavy to bang around while shooting news day in, night out. Yes it has 1/3" 1920X1080 CCD's if you needed to know which is fine. Price is a bit high but if it fits your needs, has all the options with nothing else to add, might be a good buy. I've certainly seen a lot of local stations using JVC cameras.


So what REALLY cool about this camera ? Live HD Broadcast Streaming via 4G / LTE ! The ProHD Broadcaster is expected to cost between $2k-$3k and require a JVC Broadcast Streaming Service subscription of $200-$300 per month. Very cheap even for a small station to do live shots. This is also the possible end of those streaming back packs that had gotten popular. That said, while using this to cover events in crowded areas it may not be so reliable, or have too much bandwidth throttling due to congestion. If you have ever tried to use data at a major sporting event you know its often useless. However for just about any other time it may be just fine for getting a live shot out, or feeding shots you just got back to the studio. Pretty amazing. Official word is :

JVC said it will offer its new ProHD Broadcaster, built around technology from IP-streaming specialist Zixi, based in Waltham, MA, as a physical server or a cloud-based service. The Broadcaster will receive live HD video from JVC cameras with the built-in Zixi engine, which enables real-time streaming via 4G / LTE when connected to a Verizon USB modem along with recording to on-board memory cards. The Broadcaster can receive simultaneous streams from multiple cameras, which can be switched and broadcast live. That makes it an affordable but reliable option for live coverage from multiple shooters, the company said.