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Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Got Green ?

Where have I been the last week or so ? well getting ready for two very in depth reviews on LED light CRI and green screens.  

Got green screen ? Yes we all do from time to time. Does the green make a difference ? You may have one of those cheap fold out green screens from china and it might work ok. I have a real Matthews screen that you've seen in a few BTS shots I've posted lately. I've used it any number of times and its been ok. Its the classic green. Once quite a while ago I used a "digital" and it was a diaster to use. made keying very hard because it was too bright. Maybe user error, you're supposed to light it to a lower level. Had also gotten footage from another shoot using it, also major problems. Never used it again.

Fast forward to a few weeks ago when I get into the chat with Jeff Foster on facebook. He says this digital that you see above is the real deal, will make life better, ect. Ok, you know me, prove it ! A week later Composite Components has sent me an 8X8 and some small paint sample to use in this test. They went well above and beyond what I was expecting - a couple 1X1 peices of painted foamcore and maybe a scrap of fabric. Ok, its here, I have a studio setup and a great looking model instead of me for you to look at ! That all happens end of this week, then I get to put it all together. So I'll be testing this fabric ( and paint ) against the Matthews, and some generic material. Just fair warning : Composite Components has an Academy for their work in green screens and they are used in hollywood a lot so I have some expectations that it will perform. I do know I have to light it darker than the foreground which will be an old habit to break where you generally used the same light levels. Old dog learns new tricks !