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Tuesday, February 25, 2014

New Ninja Blade

Well sometimes it happens. You buy a piece of gear and a month later a new model comes out. I got the ninja2 about 2 months ago. Today its replacement with the things that had tempted me towards the Samurai but when I priced that option out it simply got too expensive. The Blade is basically the ninja2 upgrade to a samauri - 1280X720 IPS monitor, waveform, HMDI I/O and a reasonable price at $995. The ninja2 is still cheaper but this model makes for sense for a pro shooter. Of course don't forget a few more items - storage like 256gb SSD ( or spinning disc ), extra batteries, swivel end HDMI cables, magic arm, and make sure the get the version that includes a case or you'll need one of those. Another words there is another couple hundred in extra bits to make it shootable. Not the end of the world by any means, just knowing going in. Also a far cry from the price of a HDcam deck of 10 years ago or so. In fact that VTR had a couple option boards that weren't this cheap... you want 24fps playback ? thats an extra board that ran about $5K if I remember. We live in good times.