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Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Sarah Jones

You know I harp about safety a lot. I've posted about some stupid ass things I've seen. Then there is the loss of 27 year old Sarah on the Greg Allman bio pic on the first day of shooting. By all bits it seems the producers knew of the risks but didn't take them as seriously as they should of. Multiple levels of human failure. They didn't have clearance from CSX to be on the tracks, they didn't set up spotters on their own with radios. Violations of saftey they prove to be criminal. Maybe the producers get man slaughter charges and do time in jail.

Who cares, that will not bring her back. Even on smaller productions I've seen some really stupid ass stuff done. STOP ! really think here. You may get lucky once, but luck is not how we live. We live by doing things safely, by using our brains. Not by taking stupid chances. So next time a PA becomes grip does something dangerous, instruct them on the right way to do it. Next time they do the same, simply fire them. There is only one way to deal with people who don't take production safety serisouly, get rid of them. Having people who don't observe safe work procedures will only make for problems in the end and NOT speed production. I've worked on a few industrial safety videos over the last few years and learned a few things. Look twice, think twice, steel toes,  hard hats, spotters, sand bags, grounding. Things it LIVE by.

I have personally seen a couple of close calls where serious harm could of happened but didn't. Safety isn't a joke, is a way of staying alive. Its unspeakable that this young woman lost her life because they were simply stealing a shot thinking they were safe without really being so.