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Tuesday, March 04, 2014

Slates -

As much as working on RR tracks is obviously dangerous, its typically smaller everyday things that can get you. Tall stands that aren’t leveled carrying a large light, not having proper grounding, rigging even small lights w/o safeties.

Some of the several scary things I’ve seen, here are a few :

rigged 650 over actor using maffer to attach to fire escape. during tightening, maffer cracked completely in half. the day before it has been used to rig a 1K overhead. thankfully it broke during rigging and no harm. it was one of those black econo manfrotto ones. I tossed the other one I had and replaced it with the better more expensive spun casting ones. that was 20 years ago

in studio grid, I saw 1K fresnel pop its front open due to vibration from HVAC on roof. it hadn’t of been closed properly after bulb change. barn doors came out. barn doors where safetied, no harm done.

watched producer mess around with some rental lights they brought into studio. didn’t want to hire me as gaffer because they were cheap. while messing with light on grid, guy dropped barn doors out of light ( not safetied ) and put huge dent in to lid of bosendorfer piano underneath. expensive repair ! way cheaper for a couple days of my time.

had client let me go for last day of multi day shoot. they would handle teardown themselves. they toppled a hi boy stand with 5 way header on top. 1 2K, 4 1K’s rigged on this. my rig was safe, it was piled with sand bags. they lifted stand leg to slide cable out from underneath. those where 5 new lights, destroyed. thankfully no one hurt. would of been way cheaper to of kept me on for tear down day…

its these sorts of things that will get you that the inexperienced don’t take very seriously.