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Thursday, April 17, 2014

Back From NAB and Vacation

Hey I finally took a couple days of vacation... Its been YEARS since I had a few days to myself like this in such a great place, camera in hand of course ! It was a great trip to spend a couple days in Zion and Bryce. Like NAB they were very different experiences. Zion was sunny and 80, Bryce snowed the first day and was very windy, second day 50 during the day and 18 at nite. I camped out anyway during those cold nites because you know, if it doesn't kill you..... NAB this year was the same in many respects, opposites and some surprises. Many companies pre-announced their new products during the week before so you knew which booths to visit. Others kept the surprise until monday, and others, well you had to just go find their booth and see what was new... bad PR !

That said, what's more important ? some camera every one will say is the Xcam killer, or dud ? or this ? Doug Blush who picked up an Academy Award for Best Doc this year and Kevin Monahan from Adobe just chillin out in Vegas, both friends I've known for years. Its about the people ! Its about the connections you make and keep !  I connected up with a Chineese company whoose name you know from ebay. They are going to make me a custom part : Steve O Custom Rig Parts here we go ! thats why these couple of days matter.

oh and maybe the great scenery of the SouthWest that is most humbling to experience.