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Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Changes To Get To Life 3.0

Life changes. The world changes. Business is always changing. 

I've been adapting although I've had a lot of resistance along the way with the other people in the office. Today officially moved OUT ! That was a long time in the making, cost me some money, a lot of senseless aggravation but its done, finally done. It was only about 2 years ago I put down that ash floor that I really loved so much. I pulled all kinds of wire thru the ceiling from the machine room. I set up a really great office network with loads of bandwidth. VoiP and facetime, skype, bridged 2g enet, linux NAS that did time machine and AFP. We added floor space and people.

All good then, all changed now.

We shot the In Production Resolve series here, posted it. The 3rd floor look down over the square was nice. 

However here's the reality : no one was coming in to this great client friendly space we'd worked hard to make. Ok, maybe about 3 days over the last year. How does that make sense ? to pay for this space yet not really using it ? I enjoyed it, yet it was sucking my wallet dry. At some point you have to say enough. This doesn't work ! Its one of the hardest things to do in business is know when you need to make a radical change or close up for good. I choose to adapt. The office for me is gone as it no longer served a purpose or generated direct profit as compared to other alternatives. Perhaps the thing that sealed the deal beyond simple economics was doing a 2 day edit with a producer in SF over the net using webex, box and cell phones. Pretty much the same as being there 1600 miles apart. If that doesn't open your eyes I don't know what does. The bandwidth is almost there, so use it ! 

Lets face it, we send our clients previews via the web, maybe even finals. For truely large deliverables there are USB keys, SD cards and fedex. Just as we watched tape and its support infrastructure go away for a far more IT based infrastructure, we are also looking at doing a more virtual long distance collaboration. For me it means more than ever that location doesn't matter as much as it used to. Looking forwards to where this goes, just as the last couple of moves went forwards, but changed. This time though I think the long distance collaboration is something that will build virtual facilities that span continents. Pick the people you like, network them, get it done ! 

Its not like I haven't' done a decent amount of virtual work. I've had clients across the US and Canada while staying put where I was. This is just taking this way of working as the new normal rather than exception or less than frequent way of working.

Interesting times to say the least, glad I'm done with the old - analog tape, digital tape, all the infrastructure to support it, big space.