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Tuesday, May 06, 2014

Now What ? Everything !

I shot this when I was 17 ! on B&W Tri X that I hand developed  and printed. Why does it matter ? because then every thing mattered. Every frame cost you a buck you didn't have. I love the energy, compostion and youth here. I won't show you what we look like now ! ok, not so bad !

This brings me around to 4K ad nauseam from NAB. Its real, its happening, has been happening since RED ONE showed up 5 or 6 years ago, its not going away. Unlike 3D that shows up every 10 years or so 4K will make inroads. Into production for future proofing, for producers who are simply silly, anything anyone dreams MAY have value 10 years from now. I say take their money ! if you can pay off a 4K camera, do it. Don't look back because a year from now you'll be a happy camper. For the rest of us wondering about 1080, or even 720 don't worry. Your content may not mater in a time frame that goes far enough out to worry about. Sad. Sorry.  Maybe a snap shot you took 20+ years ago will matter, or chances are, will not. Be realistic in the 4K thing. I'lll probably get a 4K camera next year once the shake out happens but inbetween then I'll worry about : my LED lights ! my audio gear, what ever. Just about anything except the camera, and the Topcon RE200 sitting next to me that took this pic 30+ years ago, that doesn't have film now !