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Monday, June 16, 2014

How To DeClick An Apeture Ring On A Lens, Its Usually Easy !

I have to say its good to be back ! Finally posting w/o the concerns I used to have.  So here are a pair of great tutorials on DeClicking an iris ring on a lens. The OM 50 1.4 is super simple - I'd recommend it as your first ever lens mod if you have a couple of basic small tools around to handle it. Those tools are : jewelers screw drivers, Phillips I think #00, mini visegrips, micro fiber lens cleaner, rubber lens wreches as option. Probably stuff you already have.

In a more advanced DIY lens declick what when I take apart a Vivitar / Kiron lens with OM mount ( adapted to EF ) which is a little more involved but still pretty simple, 6 screws, 5 minutes.

Then there is the declick you won't see - a classic vintage vivitar 28 1.9. After I got the lens mount off ( easy ) which had spring attached, I found the internal assembly glued together. It was a threaded and glue assembly I decided wasn't worth messing with as I didn't have a suitable solvent to even try to dissolve the glue, never mind put it back together so it was optically good. Sometimes you need to know when to NOT do a mod and this was one of those cases... for me.