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Friday, June 27, 2014

Apple ProRes 4444XQ - Thats not a typo !

So Apple released an update to FCP X. Yawn as almost no one uses it. It actually has some features that start to get it back to where FCP7 left off in its XML export.... 3 years late. Anyway Apple has snuck out a new version of ProRes called 4444XQ and apple says should be used as a *camera* codec. At least one camera vendor is supposed to have an update to support it. Ok, hint, there is a picture of the camera. Its ProRes at 500mbits/sec ! except that for most purposes even 220mbit ProRes 422 HQ and 330mbit 444 are overkill for most folks needs. Lots of days ProRes 422 is enough and I'll admit LT has been ok for a few things. However, there is a really small audience that can use this and will and thats nice. For the rest of us it really doesn't matter unless you have TB's to burn of drive space.